Intercontinental Judges' Course for the Olympic Cycle 2005-2008

In the end of January / beginning of February the city of Prague (Czech Republic) became the capital of the world Trampoline Gymnastic sport for a week. The Czech Gymnastics Federation (ČGF) organized the Intercontinental Judges' Course in Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling for the new Olympic Cycle on behalf of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) organized in the Pyramida hotel. Before the beginning of the course FIG President Prof. Bruno Grandi accompanied by FIG Secretary General André Gueisbuhler {info} visited Prague as well.

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    President Prof. Grandi in Prague

    FIG President Prof. Bruno Grandi together with FIG Secretary General André Gueisbuhler and FIG Trampoline Technical Committee (TRA-TC) President Horst Kunze also took part in the press conference that was organized by the ČGF in the cooperation with the agency PROGYM In Prague. During the press conference FIG President presented to the former czechoslovakian national team and Artistic Gymnastic World Champion Věra Černá the financial support from the FIG Foundation and met also the Czech Olympic Committee (ČOV) Vicepresident Doc. Josef Dovalil.

    (Věra Černá, the 1979 Balance Beam World Champion, got into the very difficult social situation after she had been affected with the serious tumor two years ago and despite the demanding medical treatment and rehabilitation she remains with reduced mobility.)

    Accompanied by ČOV Vicepresident ing. Jiří Zedníček and ČGF President PhDr. Jiří Kubička FIG President Prof. Bruno Grandi visited also the multifunctional new SAZKA Arena where he was also informed about the intention of the ČGF to organize the Artistic Gymnastic World Championships in Prague in 2010 or 2011.

    See also the articles on the websites FIG (01, 02) and ČGF (in czech + more photos / info)

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    FIG TRA Technical Committee

    The main reason of the visit of FIG President Bruno Grandi and FIG Secretary General André Gueisbuhler in Prague was the meeting with the new FIG Trampoline Technical Committee that had been elected for the Olympic Cycle 2005-2008 during the FIG Congress in Turkish city Antalya in October 2004 and the TRA-TC Transmission of Power.
    During the meeting the FIG top representatives presented and discussed the plan of activity and development of the international federation and all gymnastics disciplines and the tasks and position of the technical committees and their members.
    Prof. Bruno Grandi and André Gueisbuhler also honoured the work of Patricia Henderson (USA) who had not candidated for the new session and whose TC membership had finished due to this fact and handed over the FIG Bronze Recognition to her. They also welcomed the new TC members Christophe Lambert (FRA) and Vladimír Zeman (CZE).

    The FIG TRA-TC is going to work in the Olympic Cycle 2005-2008 as follows:

  • President - Horst Kunze (GER)
  • Vicepresidents - Nikolai Makarov (RUS) and Tatiana Shuyska (UKR)
  • Secretary - John Beeton (GBR)
  • Members - Christophe Lambert (FRA), Ulf Andersson (SWE) and Vladimír Zeman (CZE).

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    Alpha Factor Presentation

    In the social part of the course ČGF organized the AF products' presentation for the course participants in the co-operation with Tighe Industries Inc. (USA) and its Czech representatives.

    The Alpha Factor brand represents the sport outfit for the gymnastics sports and has become the ČGF national teams' sponsor including sponsorship of both the Senior and Junior Trampoline Czech Republic Teams since 2003.

    Alpha Factor CZ {info}Tighe Industries, Inc. {info}Alpha Factor International {info}

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    Intercontinental Judges' Course

    80 judges from 30 countries and 4 continents took part in the Intercontinental Judges' Course for the new Olympic Cycle 2005-2008 under the technical care of the FIG TRA-TC in Prague. During the four days' course the participants studied the FIG Code of Points' changes valid from 1.1.2005 and discussed the explanation of different paragraphs. In the practical part ran besides the practising of the difficulty judging mainly the unification of the judging level of the execution and synchronisation. In the examination that was composed from written test and practical judging of execution, synchronisation, difficulty and super-difficulty the participants obtained totaly 131 international judges' brevets for Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling as follows:

     Cat. 1Cat. 2Cat. 3Cat. 4TotalSDD

    After the final examination the participants had time for sightseeing too. The results were presented in the beginning of the closing dinner, in which also the ČGF representatives led by the ČGF President PhDr. Jiří Kubička and the special Czech Olympic Committee guests President MUDr. Milan Jirásek and Vicepresident ing. Jiří Zedníček took part.

    The Czech judges Radek Hanáček, Marie Mišáková and Markéta Přikrylová succeeded in the Intercontinental Judges' Course and defended their international judges' brevet category 3 for the Olympic Cycle 2005-2008 as well.

    See also the article on the FIG website (info) and photos on the Swiss Trampoline website (info)

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