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30th International Trampoline Friendship Cup 2002


Jubilee 30th Annual of the traditional International Trampoline Competition of Friendship will be organised in the sporting hall Slavia in the czech capital Prague on Saturday September 14th, 2002.

The gymnastic federations of Austria, Bavaria (Germany), Georgia, Ireland, Israel, Lower Saxony (Germany) and Slovakia confirmed the participation of their athletes in the competition and also the top czech trampolinists will stay on start.

The athletes will compete in the individual competitions and in the high attractive synchonized competition and new will be also the mixed-teams competition awarded this year.

The competitors with the major international experience will fight about the triumph in the senior competitions - from Georgia Zakharia Abramishvili and the difficulty world record holder and 2000 Olympic Games participant Rusudan Khoperia, german national team member Henrik Stehlik (Lower Saxony), Double-Minitramp European Champion Katarína Prokešová from Slovakia and the top czech seniors - Olympic Games participant Petra Juříčková-Vachníková and fivefold Czech Champion and Czech Cup Winner Petr Dufek.

The czech most serious hope for the junior competiotions is the current Youth Czech Champion Kristýna Závodníková who reached the 7th place in the 2000 Youth European Championships in synchro.

Rakousko / AustriaBavorsko / Bavaria (Germany)Gruzie / GeorgiaIrsko / IrelandIzrael / IsraelDolní Sasko / Lower Saxony (Germany)Slovensko / SlovakiaČeská republika / Czech Republic

The additional late entries can be still acceptable - see the competition regulations {info} and contact the organiser by e-mail ( or by phone / fax (+ 420 - 2 - 572 108 11).


The competition venue and the accommodation facilities have not been touched by the disastrous floods in Prague.

Venue : Sport Hall Slavia, Vladivostocká 1460/10, Praha 10 - Vršovice

City transport : metro A to the station Strašnická, then by tram to the station Kubánské náměstí

Time schedule :
 14.00opening ceremony
 14.00   - 15.30 *female and male junior competitions
 15.30 * - 16.45 *female and male senior competitions
 16.45 * - 17.30 *female and male synchronized competitions
* ..... the time schedule can be changed accordong the course of competitions

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