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29th International Friendship Cup 2001


On Saturday, 1st December 2001, the 29th Annual of International Trampoline Competition of Friendship took place in the sport hall of the Strž Primary School in Dvůr Králové nad Labem (CZE).

Roots of the International Competition of Friendship in the Czech Republic and in Czechoslovakia go back to the year 1972, in which the very first trampoline international competition in our country / Prague has been organized. To Dvůr Králové nad Labem this competition came for the first time in its 29 years long history.

The 29th International Competition of Friendship in Trampoline ran in almost familiar atmosphere. The representatives of Israel, Austria, Sweden and the best Czech junior and senior competitors participated.

Israel took part in the international competition in trampolining in the Czech Republic or Czechoslovakia for the first time. Israel is the 30th country in the history of International Competition of Friendship (1972-2001) whose competitors participated.

The top athlete Konstantin Miroshnikov came to Dvůr Králové nad Labem to compete with very difficult routines. He is a hot candidate for the Olympic Games 2004.

V Austria the growing attention belongs to the trampoline sport and so competitors utilised the occasion of the competition to compete in the international concurrence.

Markus Höckner was the pillar of the Austrian team. He is both the international experienced competitor the chief of the Trampoline Section of the Austrian Gymnastics Federation.

Exclusively junior competitors came from Sweden to the Friendship Cup in Dvůr Králové nad Labem to get international experiences.

We can mention that both the trainer of the team, Per Johansson, and the judge, Jenny Söderlund, competed in the past during their active trampoline career in the International Competition of Friendship in the Czech Republic/Czechoslovakia too.

The best senior and junior trampoline competitors represented the Czech Republic except the current Czech Champion Lenka Honzáková, who train in Canada now.

Petra Vachníková (the Olympic Games 2000 participant), Petr Dufek (4 times the Czech Champion and 5 times the Czech League Cup winner) and Petr Dejl created the pillar of the senior part of team.

Among the junior girl competitors Kristýna Závodníková and Naďa Palacká achieved very good sport results in 2001. Kristýna Závodníková obtained the silver medal both in the senior and junior Czech Championship 2001 and in the Czech League Cup 2001 too. Naďa Palacká is the Czech Schools Champion 2001 and she won the Schools League Cup 2001 too.

There was only one junior boy representant - Daniel Komarov - the junior Czech Champion 2001.

JudgesFor the 29th International Friendship Cup the International Code of Points were aplied. The 10 best individuals or synchronised pairs went to final round in each category and the total score has been calculated as the sum of all three routines (first, second and final routine).

The competition was open for the competitors 13 years of age and older. They were allowed to choose between the first routine of FIG A and the first routine of FIG B.

Petra Vachníková (CZE)In the category of women individuals only the Swedish junior Martha Dahlquist could compete with the Czech competitors predominance. But after the failure in the final routine she finished the competition at the end of the final order.

In contrary, there was no problem for Petra Vachníková, the favourite of the competition, to go through without any falter. She reached the sum of 99,1 pts for her routines and by the right of merit she won the category with a great lead over other competitors.

Simona Kadlecová (CZE)Other czech senior competitior Libuše Pilzová lost the silver medal thanks to the failure in the first routine and even if her next 2 competition routines were the best in the field of competitors exclusive the winner, she obtained finally the seventh place.

It was the way to success for junior representants. Kristýna Závodníková performed the best routines of them and reached the silver medal (91,4 pts), Naďa Palacká obtained the bronze medal (88,1 pts). Both girls performed improving competition results during the year 2001.
It was the bad luck for Jana Vaculínová on the 4th place (87,2 pts) that she had obtained only 23,6 pts for the first routine.

Petr Dejl (CZE)There were much more dramatic moments in the category of men individuals. Konstantin Miroshnikov from Israel was the favourite. He prepared the routine with 7 various triffis elements. He was the best after the compulsory routine (the first routine), but he did not finish the voluntary routine (the second routine) and it opened the way to the victory for Czech competitors.

After the qualifying round (the first plus the second routine) Petr Dufek, the best Czech male competitors, was ahead of men category with 1,5 more point gain than the rest of competitors. But in the final routine he practised only 9 elements and in the total evaluation he finished the competition on the second place (96,4 pts).

Konstantin Miroshnikov (ISR)The Czech representant Petr Dejl became the non-expected winner of the category. He was on the 2nd place after the qualifying round. In the final round he repeated the good performance of the voluntary routine and by right of merit he won with 98,4 pts.

Petr Dufek finished the individual competition on the 2nd place ahead of Jiří Kurtin (96,2 pts) by only 0,2 pts.
Markus Höckner (Austria) was on the 5th place (84,0 pts) the best of foreign competitors.

Kristýna Závodníková (CZE), Petra Vachníková (CZE), Naďa Palacká (CZE)Petr Dufek (CZE), Petr Dejl (CZE), Jiří Kurtin (CZE)

Categories of synchronised pairs of men and ladies ran through without any greater surprise. Czech pairs Simona Kadlecová / Jana Vaculínová and Petr Dejl / Petr Dufek were favourites.

Zuzana Havelková / Naďa Palacká (CZE)The category of ladies synchronised pairs was very balanced and in the total evaluation the point difference between the 1st and the 3rd placed synchronized pairs there was only 0,8 pts difference. It was also interesting that all the three best pairs obtained equally 42,8 pts for their final routines.

The Czech junior representant pair Simona Kadlecová / Jana Vaculínová took leading of the category after first routine and won after final with 118,9 pts. This young pair belonged to the 6 best world pairs in their age category in the World Age Group 2001 in Odense, Denmark and also won both the Czech Schools Championship 2001 and the Czech League Cup 2001 too.

There were only minimal differences to other places. The Czech pair Libuše Pilzová / Veronika Svobodová finished on the 2nd place (119,2 pts) and the pair Zuzana Musialková / Kristýna Závodníková on the 3rd place (118,9 pts).

Men synchronizedBetween the foreign participants only the austrian pair Dieter Hayn / Markus Höckner reached the medal place in the competition. They took the 2nd place in the men synchronised pairs category with 91,8 pts.

In this category fulfiled the favourite position and won the pair Petr Dejl / Petr Dufek (130,9 pts) and on the 3rd place was the Czech pair Jiří Kurtin s Vladimírem Novákem (87,7 pts).

Veronika Svobodová / Libuše Pilzová (CZE), Simona Kadlecová / Jana Vaculínová (CZE), Zuzana Musialková / Kristýna Závodníková (CZE)Dieter Hayn / Markus Höckner (AUT), Petr Dejl / Petr Dufek (CZE), Vladimír Novák / Jiří Kurtin (CZE)

Results of 29. Annual of International Competition of Friendship 2001
1.Petra VachníkováCzech Republic99,127,036,411,663,435,711,6
2.Kristýna ZávodníkováCzech Republic91,425,932,29,558,133,39,5
3.Naďa PalackáCzech Republic88,125,231,99,457,131,09,2
1.Petr DejlCzech Republic98,426,236,113,362,336,113,3
2.Petr DufekCzech Republic96,427,136,714,263,832,612,4
3.Jiří KurtinCzech Republic96,226,434,812,761,235,012,7
1.Simona KadlecováCzech Republic119,734,942,08,376,942,88,3
Jana Vaculínová
2.Libuše PilzováCzech Republic119,234,242,28,076,442,88,0
Veronika Svobodová
3.Zuzana MusialkováCzech Republic118,934,541,67,276,142,87,2
Kristýna Závodníková
1.Petr DejlCzech Republic130,937,146,312,783,447,512,7
Petr Dufek
2.Dieter HaynAustria91,88,941,78,050,641,28,0
Markus Höckner
3.Jiří KurtinCzech Republic87,734,645,110,279,78,02,1
Vladimír Novák

total results (in czech only)