Ferdinand Matějka passed away

Ferdinand Matějka, for many years the respected coach, judge and official and doyen of trampolining in Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic, passed away after long and severe illness on 12 February 2009.

Already in seventies in last century he was one of the founders of the trampoline section at the TJ Lokomotiva Olomouc sport club. The section has trained up many excellent competitors including Czechoslovak and Czech national team members and organised many events and competitions including international events under his chairmanship.

In the middle of eighties he obtained the international judge's brevet as one of the first Czechoslovak judges. In next years he become respected expert on the international scene as well.

He worked also as the member and later as the president of the Trampoline Technical Committee of the Czechoslovak / Czech Gymnastics Federation for many years.

Now, the Czech trampolining lost very experienced, respected and reliable expert and very good friend.