32nd International Trampoline Friendship Cup 2004
(Youth Olympic Hopefuls Competition)

The 32nd Annual International Trampoline Competition of Friendship will take place on Saturday, September 2004, 4th in the city of Kladno what is situated close to the Czech capital Prague in the distance of only 20 km.

The individual and synchronised competitions are designed not only for the senior trampoline competitors, who can choose the FIG A or FIG B level, but even for the youth competitors 12-17 years of age with the FIG B performance level.

32nd International Trampoline Competition of Friendship 2004, Czech Republic
(Youth Olympic Hopefuls Competition)


1. Organizer
Czech Gymnastics Federation, Trampoline TC with local clubs
Contacts :

  • Address : Atletická 100/2, P.O.Box 40, 160 17 Praha 6, Czech Republic
  • Phone / Fax : (+420) 257 210 811
  • E-mail : cgf@cstv.cz, trampoliny@cstv.cz
  • Website : http://trampoliny.cstv.cz

    2. Date : Saturday, September 2004, 4th

    3. Venue
    Sport Hall Kladno, Sportovců 817, Kladno, Czech Republic

    4. Competitions
    a) individual competitions (TRI)

  • seniors ladies 17 years and older (born 1987 and before)
  • seniors men 17 years and older (born 1987 and before)
  • juniors girls 12-17 years (born 1987-1992)
  • juniors boys 12-17 years (born 1987-1992)
    b) synchronized competitions (TRS)
  • seniors ladies 17 years and older (born 1987 and before)
  • seniors men 17 years and older (born 1987 and before)
  • juniors girls 12-17 years (born 1987-1992)
  • juniors boys 12-17 years (born 1987-1992)
    Notes :
  • 17 year old competitors / pairs can participate either in seniors or in juniors only
  • in synchronised senior competitions also the senior / junior mix pairs are allowed
  • in the case of small number of participants in the senior / junior category the organiser is allowed to merge the senior & junior categories (nevertheless the best juniors / junior pairs can be also awarded)

    5. Participation
    Competitors from the FIG affiliated federations and/or their clubs in good standing may participate.

    6. Judges
    All participating delegations are asked to provide at least one judge with a valid FIG brevet.

    7. Technical regulations

  • Valid FIG Trampoline Code of Points and valid FIG A & FIG B requirements for first routine will be applied. Ten finalists (including at least one competitor / pair from the host Czech federation in each category), all three routines will be counted.
  • Routines :
    - Seniors : FIG A or FIG B compulsory requirements (FIG B with difficulty restriction - max. 7,5 pts. in voluntary / final routine will be counted)
    - Juniors : FIG B requirements
  • The Qualifying Round in the groups, each group performs their first and second voluntary routine prior the next group will be starting (§ 1.2.4).

    8. Equipment
    2 Eurotramp Trampolines with 6x4 mm beds.

    9. Preliminary time schedule

    Friday, September 3rd arrivals to Kladno or Prague
     16.00-21.00open training
     21.00meeting - officials, judges
    Saturday, September 4th08.00 - 12.00training
     12.00 - 16.00preliminaries
     17.00 - 19.00finals
     20.30 - 01.00closing evening party
    Sunday, September 5th departures from Kladno or Prague
    Definitive time schedule will be handed out upon arrival.

    10. Entry fees

  • Entry fee per competitor : EUR 15,- (no additional fee for TRI+TRS)
    Entry fees are non-refundable in case of cancellations.

    11. Accommodation
    Package A : 2 nights with breakfast in *** hotel, dinner on Friday, lunch and closing party incl. dinner on Saturday, hotel - venue transfers, Prague airport/bus/railway arrival/departure transfers. Prices for whole stay (2 nights) per person :

  • in single room 
  •   .........................    135,- EUR
  • in double room 
  •   .........................    110,- EUR
  • in double room + extra bed 
  •   .........................      90,- EUR
    Package B : 2 nights without breakfast in hostel (bathroom/WC in room is not guarranted), closing party incl. dinner on Saturday.

  • Price for whole stay (2 nights) : 
  •   ....................    40,- EUR
    Cancellation : 50 % of stay costs will be refunded in case of cancellation which will be made 01.-25.08.2004, no refunds will be made in case of cancellation after 25.08.2004. (Entry fees are non-refundable in any case of cancellation.)

    12. Transportation
    The Organising Committee will provide the transportation from/to the Prague airport/bus/railway station and between hotel and competition venue for all those who selected the Accommodation Package A and have advised their arrival and departure schedule with the Nominative Entry.

    13. Entries deadlines

  • Declaration of interest : 
  •   30.06.2004
  • Definitive entry : 
  •   31.07.2004
  • Nominative entry : 
  •   25.08.2004
    - Organising Committee :    Fax : (+420) 257 210 811
    Declaration of interest, definitive and nominative entries {here}.

    14. Payment

  • Payment (entry fees + stay costs) deadline is 31.07.2004 and the payment will have to be transferred to :
    GE Capital Bank, Vítězné náměstí 2, Praha 6

    - account No.    1724809-504/0600
    - IBAN    CZ64 0600 0000 0017 2480 9504
    for Czech Gymnastics Federation, Atletická 100/2, P.O.Box 40, 160 17 Praha 6
    Please note that your federation / club is responsible for covering all bank fees in connection with bank transfers.

    15. Insurance
    The Organising Committee and the Czech Gymnastic Federation can not be held responsible for any liabilities in the case of accidents, illness and the like. Therefore, all competitors and officials must make their own arrangements for an appropriate insurance (health, accident, etc.).

    16. Miscellaneous
    For the additional services (visa, additional accommodation, special travel arrangements, Prague sightseeing etc.) do not hesitate contact us, please.
    There is the regular public transport Kladno - Prague bus stop in the front of the main official hotel (ca 30 min. journey duration).

    Enclosures : declaration of interest, definitive and nominative entries {here}.

    © Czech Gymnastics Federation, Trampoline TC on 5th June 2004

    City of Kladno is situated only 20 km far from Prague, capital of the Czech Republic