Petra Juříčková (Vachníková) announced the close of her competitive career
(press release)

The most successful czech female trampolinist of recent years Petra Juříčková (Vachníková) culminated her twenty one year long competitive career by the Czech Cup annual seventh victory on Saturday December 2003, 6th. Petra won the final 2003 Czech Cup Competition in their hometown sports hall in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm first and then announced the close of her competitive career.

The mother which was the former gymnast and the coach in the trampoline section brought her in the gym in the age of three years.

Actually she started the practise a few years later and in 1983 in the age of seven took part in her first district trampoline competition.

One year later she went to the nationalwide competition and in the age of twelve she fulfiled the requirements of the junior category.

In next years she reached both the top schools and junior level step by step. In 1993 she won her first czech senior title.

On the national scene she still obtained two schools, three junior and five senior individual champion titles and two schools, thre junior and five senior titles in synchronized competitions.

She won sevenfold the annual series of the Czech Cup in individual category and twice in the synchronized category and won twenty two individual cup competitions and fiveteen synchronised cup competitions during the years.

On the international field she started in the national squad as the youngest member of the czechoslovakian delegation in the 1990 Youth European Championships in Uppsala / Sweden in the age of fourteen.

In junior category she reached one of her great archievments - together with her mate Lenka Honzáková she won in the belgian city Houthalen-Helchteren the every first international title for the czech trampoline community - the Youth European Synchro Champion Title.

She started successfuly also in the senior category and after when she won the third place in the World Cup Competition in Auckland / New Zealand and qualified into the World Cup Final in 1997 she joined to the prominent european and world female trampolinists.

Among the top results of Petra Juříčková (Vachníková) in individual and synchronised competitions are also the fift place on the World Championships 1996, seventh place on the European Championships 1998 and fifth place in 2000. She won also the fifth, fourth and sixth place in the final competitions of the two year's World Cup Series 1994/1995, 1996/1997 and 1998/1999 where were always qualified ten world top competitors/pairs.
The czech audience appreciated her success during the 1999 and 2003 World Cup Competitions held in Prague where she won the tenth and sixth place in individual and two times third place with her teammate Lenka Honzáková in the synchronised competition.

Petra Juříčková (Vachníková) participated also in further prestigious success of the czech trampoline sport. She was successful in the olympic qualification during the 1999 World Championships in Sun City / South Africa and became the member of the group of dozen ladies for olympic premiere of the trampoline sport. In the 2002 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney / Australia she won the eleventh place.

Petra Vachníková

Petra was practising with her personal coach Jindřich Kozubek in the club TJ Rožnov pod Radhoštěm during her whole sport career and was also assigned under umbrella of the sport department of the Czech Ministry of Interior since 1997.