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Czech Cup 2001 and Schools Cup 2001 Final Competition


The fifth, final competition of Czech Cup 2001 and Schools Cup 2001 Series took place in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm (CZE) on Saturday, 3rd November 2001.

The total winners were not known before the final competition in the most of categories (the 3 best competition's results are counted into the 2001 total result) and so everybody looked forward to the exciting experience.

Petra VachníkováPetra Vachníková from Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, the Olympic Games Sydney 2000 participant, was the favourite of women individual category.
She was the best already after qualifying round (62,7 pts). In the final round she made her personal record (37,1 pts) and she won not only the 5th competition of the Czech Cup 2001, but also she became by right of merit the winner of the whole Czech Cup Series 2001.

Petra Vachníková became the Czech Cup winner five times (in 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001). Only Lenka Honzáková from SK GT Litoměřice interrupted her series in 1998. In contrary, Lenka won seven times the Czech Champion's Title.

Finalists woman individualThere were a lot of dramatic moments in the fight for the 2nd place in the competition between Kristýna Závodníková from Sokol Brno-Komárov and Libuše Pilzová from SK GT Litoměřice.
Libuše was tight better after the qualifying round than her rival by only 0,4 pts (by 0,1 pts for the 1st routine and by 0,3 pts for the 2nd routine).
In the final round the competitors started from zero and the 2nd place for Kristýna Závodníková (34,2 pts) was decided by only 0,1 pts before Libuše Pilzová on the 3rd place (34,1 pts).

The final competition was very dissatisfied for experienced Jitka Holíčková from Sokol Žižkov I. After the qualifying round she was on the 5th place with the lost of almost 2 pts (58,3 pts) to medal positions. In the final round she did not finish her routine and she ended the competition on the 8th place (12,7 pts). Unfortunately, Jitka Holíčková failed not only the Rožnov competition, but she lost the 2nd place also in the Czech Cup 2001 in favour of Kristýna Závodníková (which took the 2nd place in Czech Championships 2001 too) and ended the Czech Cup 2001 on the 3rd place.

Kristýna Závodníková, Petra Vachníková, Libuše PilzováKristýna Závodníková, Petra Vachníková, Jitka Holíčková
5th Czech Cup Competition Czech Cup 2001

Petr DufekThe Rožnov competition was the Black Death Saturday for the best competitors in men individual category.

After the first routine (compulsory routine) Czech representants Petr Dufek from TJ Petřiny Praha (28,1 pts), Petr Dejl from the same club (27,3 pts) and Petr Dostál from Sokol Olomouc (25,3 pts) were in the head of competition. Only Jiří Kurtin from Sokol Brno Komárov (25,9 pts) performed between their positions too.

But in the 2nd routines firstly Petr Dejl did not finish his voluntary, after him surprisingly Petr Dostál failed too. Unexpectedly in the same minute Petr Dufek, the best Czech Male competitor and fourfold Czech Champion, failed his second routine too. How unbelievable.

Daniel KomarovThe failure of favourites was the way to the success for Jiří Kurtin. He was the best both in the qualifying round (61,6 pts) and in the final round (36,3 pts).

Jan Topič from Sokol Žižkov I. was the the 2nd after the qualifying round (57,0 pts), but in the final round he followed his woman clubmate and did not finish his final routine and ended on the 8th place too.

It was also the big chance for David Koudelka from Sokol Brno-Komárov (the 3rd place after the qualifying round – 54,4 pts). But in the final round the competitors Michal Burian (30,2 pts) and Pavel Knirsch (30,0 pts) from TJ Lokomotiva Liberec were better than David who ended the competition only on the 4th place (29,2 pts).

The failure in the Rožnov competition did not take out neither the victory for Petr Dufek nor the 2nd place for Petr Dostál in the Czech Cup 2001. Only Petr Dejl dropped on the 4th place after the final competition. David Koudelka, who belong to schools category by his age, came up to the 3rd place surprisingly thanks to stabile performances during whole the year. Petr Dufek, alike Petra Vachníková among women, won the Czech Cup for the 5th time (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001) in its 6 years old history.

Michal Burian, Jiří Kurtin, Pavel KnirschPetr Dostál, Petr Dufek, David Koudelka
5th Czech Cup Competition Czech Cup 2001

Libuše Pilzová / Veronika SvobodováTo the very last moment of the competition there was very exciting fight for the provisionally empty throne of Lenka Honzáková / Petra Vachníková (Lenka went to train to Canada for a half of year) in the ladies synchronised pairs category and the pairs from Sokol Brno-Komárov, SK GT Litoměřice, Sokol Olomouc and organizing TJ Rožnov pod Radhoštěm competed very well.

Especially the qualifying round was very balanced. After this round domestic pair Simona Kadlecová / Jana Vaculínová (78,7 pts) was the best by only 0,1 pts.
Pairs from Litoměřice (Libuše Pilzová / Veronika Svobodová) on the 2nd place and from Brno (Petra Kořínková / Kristýna Závodníková) on the 3rd place had the same points result of 78,6 pts.

In the final round the Litoměřice pair Libuše Pilzová / Veronika Svobodová raised the difficulty of the routine and consequently won the final competition by right of merit (44,0 pts) before the Rožnov pair Simona Kadlecová / Jana Vaculínová (43,5 pts) on the 2nd place and the Brno pair Petra Kořínková / Kristýna Závodníková (42,8 pts) on the 3rd place.

coach Jindřich Kozubek, Jana Vaculínová, Věra Vaculínová, Simona KadlecováDespite of this result the Rožnov pair Simona Kadlecová / Jana Vaculínová won the Czech Cup 2001 in synchronised ladies pairs category (this pair was also among the 6 best world pairs of its age category in the World Age Group 2001 in Denmark).

The pair Libuše Pilzová / Veronika Svobodová reached the 2nd place in the Czech Cup 2001, the Brno pair Petra Kořínková / Kristýna Závodníková, the 7th pair in Youth European Championship 2000 in Eindhoven (NED), finished on the 3rd place.

Jana Vaculínová / Simona Kadlecová, Veronika Svobodová / Libuše Pilzová, Kristýna Závodníková / Petra Kořínková It was very interesting that all three pairs had obtained 80 pts in Czech Cup Serie 2001 and the tie-break rules had to be applied. These rules say that decides the amount of cup points obtained in the very last competition (every pair or individual obtains points both for qualifying round and for final round).
In the last Cup competition in Rožnov both Rožnov and Litoměřice pairs obtained 28 pts, the Brno pair 22 pts only. Consequently, the result of penultimate Cup competition was the most important for the victory in the Czech Cup 2001. In this crucial competition the Litoměřice pair obtained 24 points and the Rožnov pair obtained 30 points - it meant the victory. (INFO)
5th Czech Cup Competition

There was the same situation in Czech Cup 1997 in the ladies synchronised pairs category too. Three best pairs obtained in 1997 serie the same amount of 32 points each. The pair Jitka Holíčková / Denisa Langerová (Sokol Žižkov I. / TJ Petřiny Praha) had obtained the same amount of points in the very last competition like the Litoměřice pair Jana Drholcová / Dominika Waldhauserová too. Similarly like this year the penultimate competition was crucial and its results had said about the victory of the pair Jitka Holíčková / Denisa Langerová before the pair Jana Drholcová / Dominika Waldhauserová. On the 3rd place there was the Brno pair Petra Kořínková / Kristýna Závodníková which did not take part in the last 1997 Cup competition due the injury. (INFO)

Libuše Pilzová / Veronika Svobodová, Jana Vaculínová / Simona Kadlecová, Kristýna Závodníková / Petra Kořínková
Czech Cup 2001

Petr Dejl and Petr DufekThe men synchronised pairs competition ran very different.

The pair Petr Dejl / Petr Dufk from TJ Petřiny Praha is the best Czech pair now and had obtained the maximum number of 90 points in 2001 competitions and won the serie already before the final competition.

There was no change of this fact on spite of the Black Death Saturday continued. Our best pair did not finish its final routine (only 9,3 pts meant 3rd place) and it was the way to the unexpected victory for the pair Michal Burian / Pavel Knirsch (39,0 pts) from TJ Lokomotiva Liberec. The pair David Koudelka s Jakub Rektořík from Sokol Brno-Komárov (37,0 pts) finished the Rožnov competition on the 2nd place.

In the Czech Cup 2001 the Liberec pair Michal Burian / Pavel Knirsch thanks the points from the last competition came up on the 2nd place after the winner pair Petr Dejl / Petr Dufek and unseated the pair David Koudelka / Jakub Rektořík to the 3rd place.

Jakub Rektořík / David Koudelka, Pavel Knirsch / Michal Burian, Petr Dejl / Petr DufekPavel Knirsch / Michal Burian, Petr Dejl / Petr Dufek, David Koudelka / Jakub Rektořík
5th Czech Cup Competition Czech Cup 2001

Naďa PalackáIn the category of girls individuals domestic competitors from Rožnov pod Radhoštěm dominated, especially Naďa Palacká - surprisingly on the 3rd place in the Czech Championship 2001 and the leading girl in the Schools Cup Serie 2001 before the Rožnov competition.

In the qualifying round also Zuzana Musialková performed similar good routines (56,7 pts) like Naďa Palacká (57,6 pts). Other Rožnov competitors Jana Vaculínová (56,6 bodu) and Simona Kadlecová (54,9 bodu) finished the qualifying round on the 3rd and on the 4th place.

Zuzana MusialkováMaybe the very good audience of the Rožnov sport hall helped domestic competitors to perform even better routines in the final round.

After this round Rožnov competitor Naďa Palacká was the best girl of the category (33,9 pts), her clubmates Jana Vaculínová ended on the 2nd place (33,5 pts) and Simona Kadlecová on the 3rd place (32,8 pts). Zuzana Musialková from Olomouc finished on the 4th place (32,4 pts). All four competitors improved their personal records for the voluntary routines.

Zuzana Havelková, Simona Kadlecová, Naďa Palacká, Jana VaculínováNaďa Palacká became the winner of the Schools Cup 2001 in the category of girls individuals. Zuzana Musialková, on the 4th place before the Rožnov competition, finally came up on the 2nd place thanks the cup points from the qualifying round.
On the 3rd, 4th and 5th places there were other three Rožnov competitors Simona Kadlecová, Jana Vaculínová and Zuzana Havelková - definitely big pleasure for the organising club and for their coach Jindřich Kozubek.

Jana Vaculínová, Naďa Palacká, Simona KadlecováZuzana Musialková, Naďa Palacká, Simona Kadlecová
5th Schools Cup Competition Schools Cup 2001

David KoudelkaIn the category of boys individuals David Koudelka from Sokol Brno-Komárov fastened the leading position in the Schools Cup 2001 thanks to the victory in the qualifying round (54,4 pts). In spite of the fact that David finished the final round on the 4th place (29,7 pts) he won the Scools Cup Serie 2001.

Daniel Komarov from TJ Petřiny Praha failed in the voluntary in qualifying round (7th place with 49,9 pts) but he was the best in the final (31,5 pts) and won the final competition (competitors started from zero in final). TJ Lokomotiva Liberec competitors Pavel Knirsch (31,1 pts) and Michal Burian (30,1 pts) finished on the 2nd and on the 3rd place. Daniel Komarov and Michal Burian improved their personal records for the voluntary routines too.

David Koudelka became the winner of the Schools Cup 2001 (he won the Schools Cup Serie for the 2nd time), Michal Burian finished on the 2nd place and Daniel Komarov on the 3rd place.

Pavel Knirsch, Daniel Komarov, Michal BurianMichal Burian, David Koudelka, Daniel Komarov
5th Schools Cup Competition Schools Cup 2001

Results of the 5th Czech Cup Competition 2001
1.Petra VachníkováTJ Rožnov pod Radhoštěm37,127,635,111,462,737,111,6
2.Kristýna ZávodníkováSokol Brno-Komárov34,226,233,99,560,134,29,3
3.Libuše PilzováSK GT Litoměřice34,126,334,210,160,534,110,1
1.Jiří KurtinSokol Brno-Komárov36,325,935,712,761,636,312,0
2.Michal BurianTJ Lokomotiva Liberec30,223,828,96,952,730,26,9
3.Pavel KnirschTJ Lokomotiva Liberec30,022,229,77,851,930,07,8
1.Libuše PilzováSK GT Litoměřice44,035,443,28,078,644,08,5
Veronika Svobodová
2.Simona KadlecováTJ Rožnov pod Radhoštěm43,535,543,28,378,743,58,3
Jana Vaculínová
3.Petra KořínkováSokol Brno-Komárov42,835,842,87,778,642,87,7
Kristýna Závodníková
1.Michal BurianTJ Lokomotiva Liberec39,034,038,04,672,039,04,6
Pavel Knirsch
2.David KoudelkaSokol Brno-Komárov37,036,236,21,672,437,01,6
Jakub Rektořík
3.Petr DejlTJ Petřiny Praha9,337,148,812,685,99,32,9
Petr Dufek
Results of 5th Schools Cup Competition 2001
1.Naďa PalackáTJ Rožnov pod Radhoštěm33,925,232,49,457,633,99,4
2.Jana VaculínováTJ Rožnov pod Radhoštěm33,524,931,79,256,633,59,2
3.Simona KadlecováTJ Rožnov pod Radhoštěm32,823,831,19,154,932,89,1
1.Daniel KomarovTJ Petřiny Praha31,525,224,76,949,931,58,5
2.Pavel KnirschTJ Lokomotiva Liberec31,122,229,77,851,931,17,8
3.Michal BurianTJ Lokomotiva Liberec30,123,828,96,952,730,16,9
Total results of Czech Cup 2001
1.Petra VachníkováTJ Rožnov pod Radhoštěm88
2.Kristýna ZávodníkováSokol Brno-Komárov74
3.Jitka HolíčkováSokol Žižkov I.70
1.Petr DufekTJ Petřiny Praha80
2.Petr DostálSokol Olomouc78
3.David KoudelkaSokol Brno-Komárov58
1.Simona KadlecováTJ Rožnov pod Radhoštěm80
Jana Vaculínová
2.Libuše PilzováSK GT Litoměřice80
Veronika Svobodová
3.Petra KořínkováSokol Brno-Komárov80
Kristýna Závodníková
1.Petr DejlTJ Petřiny Praha90
Petr Dufek
2.Michal BurianTJ Lokomotiva Liberec80
Pavel Knirsch
3.David KoudelkaSokol Brno-Komárov78
Jakub Rektořík
Total results of Schools Cup 2001
1.Naďa PalackáTJ Rožnov pod Radhoštěm86
2.Zuzana MusialkováSokol Olomouc70
3.Simona KadlecováTJ Rožnov pod Radhoštěm68
1.David KoudelkaSokol Brno-Komárov84
2.Michal BurianTJ Lokomotiva Liberec74
3.Daniel KomarovSokol Brno-Komárov72

total 5th competition results (in czech only)total 2001 cups results (in czech only)