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The Czech Republic Team Championship 2001

The Czech Republic Team Championship 2001 took place again in the nice Community House of Liberec, after one year break. The mixed team competed on Saturday, September 15th.

Shortly before the competition the judges, who had completed successfully the international judges course in Prague (Mai 26th-27th 2001), obtained their brevets and judge's log books during the opening ceremony (INFO).

The second extraordinary moment came before the medal ceremony. Jindřich Kozubek, the coach from Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, obtained the Diploma from International Olympic Committee for his long-term and important contribution to the sport development, Olympic movement and people solidarity (INFO).

Veronika Svobodová (Litoměřice A)To Liberec came 12 mixed teams to compete for the title of the Czech Republic Team Champion 2001: 2 teams were from Litoměřice, Praha Petřiny and Praha Žižkov, 3 teams from TJ Lokomotiva Liberec - the arranger of the competition.

The favourite of the competition was the team from Praha Petřiny, the Czech Champion from 1995, 1998, 1999 and 2000. But the team was weakened by the injury of one of its key persons, Petr Dejl, who met with accident in the face area during the hockey play several days ago.

In the starting list there was not even the Olympic games participant Petra Vachníková thank to her new student obligations.

In the qualifying round every team member presented its compulsory and the voluntary routine and the team total results was created by the three best scores from each round.

Petr Dufek (Petřiny A)In this round melted the hope of TJ Petřiny Praha A team competing with 3 athletes only (Petr Dufek, Daniel Komarov a Vladimír Novák) and its team result was made by all results of team members.
Vladimír Novák fell down during his compulsory and even during the voluntary routine and the team finished the competition on the 10th place despite the fact that the team member Petr Dufek, the Czech Champion 2001 and National Team member, had the best routines of the all competition.

After the qualifying round the SK GT Litoměřice A team was the best (Lenka Honzáková, Ivana Lachmanová, Libuše Pilzová a Veronika Svobodová). The team had the best compulsory routines (76,8 pts) and even the voluntary routines too (102,3 pts). Total: 179,1 pts.

Thank to the Sokol Brno-Komárov team there was a nice surprise. The team consisted of only three competitors - Jiří Kurtin, Martin Makovec a Kristýna Závodníková – but thank to the fact that the team had no serious fault and very good voluntary routines (100,9 pts) this team was after qualifying round on the 2nd place (176,1 pts). On the 3rd place there was the Sokol Olomouc team (172,0 pts).

Jiří Kurtin and his coach Miluše Marková (Brno)Libuše Pilzová and her coach Vítězslav Michalko (Litoměřice A)To the final five there went also TJ Rožnov pod Radhoštěm team and TJ Lokomotiva Liberec A team (4th and the 5th place in the qualifying round with a tight difference of 0,9 pts).

On the 6th place the Sokol Žižkov I. A team finished the competition (on the 3rd place last year). The key members were Jitka Holíčková and Jan Topič, but Jan fell down during his voluntary and the team result was only 160,3 pts.

The best perfomance in qualifying roud presented :

  • Petr Dufek - TJ Petřiny Praha A (65,3 pts.)
  • Lenka Honzáková - SK GT Litoměřice A (62,2 pts.)
  • Jiří Kurtin - Sokol Brno-Komárov (60,2 pts.)
  • Libuše Pilzová - SK GT Litoměřice A (60,1 pts.)
  • Petr Dostál - Sokol Olomouc (59,4 pts.)
  • Jitka Holíčková - Sokol Žižkov I. A (59,3 pts.)

  • Only the best 5 teams went to the final round. All teams started from zero and due to the new rules teams consisted of only 3 competitors. The final team result was made by all three number results of the team competitors. So, the final round was very exciting to the end of the last competition routine.

    Litoměřice A : Veronika Svobodová, Ivana Lachmanová, Libuše Pilzová, Lenka HonzákováFinally, the SK GT Litoměřice A team was the best in the final round. Final round team members were : Lenka Honzáková, Libuše Pilzová a Veronika Svobodová. The team had the same point result as in the qualifying round for voluntary routines : 102,3 pts.

    All team (together with Ivana Lachmanová who did not participate in the final) by the right of merit won for the 2nd time the Czech Team Title (for the 1st time it was in 1997).

    On the contrary, the final round was the disillusion for the Sokol Brno-Komárov team. Not so good voluntary routine of Jiří Kurtin ment the lost of the points and the team moved from the 2nd place to the 4th place after final round.

    Olomouc : Petr Dostál, Zuzana Kadlecová, Zuzana Musialková, Veronika NavrátilováNot so dramatically, but very solid came through the Championship the Sokol Olomouc team (Petr Dostál, Zuzana Kadlecová, Zuzana Musialková and Veronika Navrátilová), which came to defend the 2nd place from last year.

    The team was successful. The final triplet of Petr Dostál, Zuzana Kadlecová and Zuzana Musialková obtained in the final round 2 points more than in the qualifying round for their voluntary routines and the Olomouc team got the silver medal again.

    Rožnov : Zuzana Havelková, Naďa Palacká, Simona Kadlecová, coach Jindřich Kozubek, Jana VaculínováYoung girls from the TJ Rožnov pod Radhoštěm team had in the final round better performance than in qualifying round too. In the final round competed Simona Kadlecová, Naďa Palacká and Jana Vaculínová. The final team result was 94,7 pts. and all three girls created their individual records of the voluntary routine difficulty.

    Together with Zuzana Havelková the girls from Rožnov was awarded by the bronze medal with only 0,3 pts lead over the Sokol Brno-Komárov team.

    On the 5th place was the domestic TJ Lokomotiva Liberec A team. The team made the greatest fault of the final round (Pavel Knirsch did not finish his final routine). In spite of this fact the Liberec team composed by Michal Burian, Jarmila Cetkovská, Pavel Knirsch and Tereza Musilová was after 3 years again among the 5 elite Czech Republic trampoline teams.

    Results of the Czech Republic Team Championship 2001
    TEAMS - final :TotalCOMPVOL QUALFIN 
    1.SK GT Litoměřice102,376,8102,3 179,1102,3 
     (Lenka Honzáková, Ivana Lachmanová, Libuše Pilzová, Veronika Svobodová)
    2.Sokol Olomouc97,976,195,9 172,097,9 
     (Petr Dostál, Zuzana Kadlecová, Zuzana Musialková, Veronika Navrátilová)
    3.TJ Rožnov pod Radhoštěm94,773,194,0 167,194,7 
     (Zuzana Havelková, Simona Kadlecová, Naďa Palacká, Jana Vaculínová)
    1.Lenka HonzákováSK GT Litoměřice98,425,736,510,862,236,211,2
    2.Libuše PilzováSK GT Litoměřice94,325,834,310,160,134,210,1
    3.Petr DostálSokol Olomouc92,925,533,99,459,433,59,4

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