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Jindřich Kozubek obtained the Diploma of the International Olympic Committee

Jindřich KozubekDuring the Czech Republic Trampoline Team Championship 2001, which took place on Saturday, September 15th 2001 in Liberec, the coach Jindřich Kozubek from Rožnov pod Radhoštěm obtained the Diploma of the International Olympic Committee for his long-term and important contribution to the sport development, Olympic movement and people solidarity.

Jindřich Kozubek (65 years old in this year), the trainer from the club in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, found the way to the trampoline sport thank to the gymnastics in the past. He was a gymnastics competitor and in the right time went through the trainer course. Likewise he was captured by the new sport – the trampolining.

"In 1970 I read in a newspaper some article about the first trampoline competition in Prague. I wrote to Prague to obtain the sport rules and then we practised one year the routines. In 1971 the group of 32 competitors (!!!) went from Rožnov to Prague. We won everything and Olga Petřeková nominated to the international Družba competition” remember Jindřich Kozubek.

From 1970 he led a very big number of good competitors. Many of them were successful members of Czechoslovak and the Czech Republic national team. Competitors in his trust won 19 senior titles in individual competitions and 20 senior titles in synchronised competitions, 15 junior titles in individuals and 7 junior titles of synchronised pairs and 1 team title in Czechoslovak / Czech National Championships.

Among his competitors the most known is Petra Vachníková, who first together with Lenka Honzáková from Litoměřice had won the Youth European Championships and after then she belonged to the 10 best competitors in Europe and even in the world thank to successes in European Championships and especially in World Cup events. Jindřich Kozubek carried Petra to the Summer Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney, where the trampoline sport was for the first time in the Olympic Games program.

Even today, Jindřich Kozubek is the heart of the Rožnov trampoline club. He enjoy the trainer work and now he has, except Petra Vachníková, the young team of junior girls, who belong to the hope of trampoline future in the Czech Republic.

Except the work in the trampoline club he has always helped to develop the trampoline sport in Czechoslovakia and in the Czech Republic. He is the author of methodical supplies and he led a lot of trampoline trainer courses. Many years he have been one of the national coaches and in last years he have taken care of the squad of the talent young trampoline competitors in the Czech Republic.

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