The FIG Trampoline Newsletter No. 11 / December 2005

Dear Friends,

at the end of the year the TC likes to thank all who worked so hard for our wonderful sport during this year to make the competition season again a great success. Special thanks to the Organising Committees, with all their volunteers and the federations and cities who supported these committees. With your great knowledge, enthusiasm and friendliness you created the best conditions, so that all athletes, coaches, judges and officials felt comfortable, the best background for the outstanding performances we saw again this year.

Of course the highlight of the season was Eindhoven with our World Championships and again we like to congratulate our new World Champions. But we will also not forget the World Games in Duisburg and the different World Cups in Sofia, Levallois , Krasnodar and Oostend with their great winners.

Thanks also to all the judges who went through examination stress this year to upgrade or qualify for the new cycle and to all of them, who worked well at the different competitions.

We like to update your knowledge on two items, although it is now possible to find almost everything about Trampoline on

1.  Following the new inquiries rules in the Technical Regulation Section 1, 7.8.1, 7.83 and 8.4., we had to make some small changes in the Code of Points, which were already accepted at the EC meeting in Baku:
 - 11.1 of the TRA COP add : (see Technical Regulations 7.8.1, 7.8.3, 8.4 (Enquiries).
 - 20.15 of the TRA COP add: (see 7.8.1. and 8.4).
2.  The EC also agreed to following change in the World Cup Rules:
 - World Cup Rules (2.3.2. Finals): (maximum 2 individuals and 1 pair per country per discipline). This is in line with the Technical Regulations and the Code of Points.

The TC wishes you all a good start into the new year and the best of success in your personal life and of course for the work in Trampoline Gymnastics within your Federations.

Best Regards

Horst KUNZE, President of the Trampoline Technical Committee

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