The FIG Trampoline Newsletter No. 10 / December 2004

Dear Friends,

After the FIG Congress and at the end of the year and competition season, we like to update your knowledge on several items, although it is now possible to find almost everything about Trampoline on The TC wishes you all a good start into the new year and the best of success in your personal life and of course for the work in Trampoline Gymnastics within your Federations.

The outcome from the elections at the Congress in Antalya / TUR for the FIG Trampoline Technical Committee 2005 - 2008 was as follows:

  • Horst Kunze GER President
  • Nikolai Makarov RUS
  • Tatiana Shuyska UKR
  • Christophe Lambert FRA
  • Ulf Andersson SWE
  • Vladimir Zeman CZE
  • John Beeton GBR.

    We congratulate and welcome our new members Christophe Lambert and Vladimir Zeman and of course like to thank Pat Henderson, USA and Filipe Carvalho, POR for all the work they have done during the past years within the Technical Committee and more so for their friendship.

    The year 2005 will begin with the Intercontinental Judges Course in Prague.
    The TC was very busy with the preparation and also now will publish a clean version of the Code of Points. The actual version on the Internet still has all the old text and the changes in it. You will find the major changes now in a table at the end of the Code. Also more understandable difficulty tables in the appendix have been added, as well as the difficulty symbols / numeric system.
    We publish these tables at the end of this newsletter {info} and you all can copy these tables and work with them at competitions and even at the judges exam. At the exam and of course also at competitions we want a proper documentation of the skills in a routine/pass with the numeric system (TRA / DMT) or symbols (TU) and the difficulty.

    The World Cup Series 2005 - 2006 will start June 02 - 05 2005 in Sofia, BUL and return to the city were 13 years before, in June 1992, the first World Cup ever of the Trampoline series was held. Levallois, FRA will be the next station, June 09 - 12 2005, and gives all nations, who have to travel a far distance, the chance to combine these two competitions within one week in one round trip. The series will be continued in Krasnodar, RUS; July 28 - 30, and in Oostend, BEL, August 04 - 07 2005.

    The competitions in TU, DMT, TRA Syn. at the World Games in Duisburg, GER will be held July 15 - 17 2005. All preparations look very well and we look forward to an exiting competition in a nice hall with hopefully 3000 spectators.

    The World Championships 2005, the highlight of the year among others, will be held in Eindhoven, NED, September 14 - 17 2005. The following week Eindhoven will also host International Age Group Competitions in all of our disciplines.
    Age Groups: 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18.
    The organisers are well in time with their preparation and the TC President will have a informational meeting with them during this month.

    Best Regards

    Horst KUNZE, President of the Trampoline Technical Committee

    Appendix {info} :

  • Major changes in the 2005 Code of Points
  • Difficulty examples
  • FIG numeric system
  • FIG symbols

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