I N V I T A T I O N  and  R E G U LA T I O N S
for the 2nd Czech / Schools Cups Trampoline Competition
03.05.2003 Liberec, Czech Republic
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Date and venue
Saturday 3rd May 2003, Sports Hall TJ Lokomotiva Liberec, JabloneckŠ 21, 460 01 Liberec, Czech Republic.

Competitors / synchronized pairs from the clubs of FIG affiliated federations in good standing may participate.

Competition format

  • Trampoline Individual females and males 8 years of age and older = born 1996 and older (Czech Cup Individual Competition) and additional final and additional total results for girls and boys 8 - 15 years of age = born 1988 -1996 (Schools Cup Individual Competition)
  • Trampoline Synchronized females and males 8 years of age and older (Czech Cup Synchronized Competition).

    Czech Gymnastics Federation, Trampoline Technical Commission,
    AtletickŠ 100/2, P.O.Box 40, 160 17 Praha 6, Czech Republic
    Phone / Fax : + 420 257 210 811, e-mail : trampoliny@cstv.cz, trampoliny@cstv.cz,
    website : http://trampoliny.cstv.cz.

    TJ Lokomotiva Liberec, Trampoline Section, JabloneckŠ 21, 460 01 Liberec, Czech Republic
    Phone / Fax : + 420 482 710 457, e-mail : m.patrman@tiscali.cz.

    Technical regulations
    Valid FIG Code of Points and the Special technical rules for the Czech / Schools Cup Competitions {info}.

    2 Eurotramp Trampolines with 6 x 4 mm beds.

    Each participating delegation of 5 competitors or more is asked to bring at least one judge with a valid FIG or national brevet.

    Youth Hostel TJ Lokomotiva Liberec, JabloneckŠ 21 (bed, quilt, pillow, clothes) 5,- EUR per person per night paid cash upon arrival. For more informations or for appointing of other suitable accommodation (hostel, guesthouse, hotel, etc.) please contact the organizer per e-mail (m.patrman@tiscali.cz) immediately.

    Entry fee and entries {entry}
    Entry fee is 5,- EUR per competitor or pair (10,- EUR for late entries) paid cash upon arrival.
    Entry deadline is 18.4.2003. Entries have to be sent to : TJ Lokomotiva Liberec, Trampoline Section, JabloneckŠ 21, 460 01 Liberec, Czech Republic or per e-mail m.patrman@tiscali.cz.

    The host and the organizer cannot be held responsible for any liabilities in the case of accidents and the like. Therefore, all competitors and officials must make their own arrangements for an appropriate insurance (health, accident, etc.).

    Preliminary time schedule

    Friday, May 2ndtill 22.00 arrivals to Liberec
    Saturday, May 3rd8.30 - 10.30  open training
    do 10.00 competition cards return
    10.15 officials and judges meeting
    10.30 - 12.00 restricted training (A & B levels only)
    11.00 judges trial scoring
    12.00 - 16.30 qualifying rounds
    17.30 - 19.00 finals
    Sunday, May 4th   departures
    Definitive time schedule will be handed out upon arrival.

    For the additional services (additional accommodation, special travel arrangements, etc.) please do not hesitate to contact the organizer be e-mail (m.patrman@tiscali.cz).

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